We Make Dreams Fly

Welcome to Electrofluidsystems  

Mission and Vision

The Primary Mission of Electrofluidsystems is to Develop Flight Vehicles with Novel Plasma Systems using rotating electron fluid motion for flow control, propulsion, treatment and shielding against high-energy particles. 

Inspired by mankind's eternal dream of rising up into the skies and reaching out to the stars, we envision to combine plasma physics with our discovery of hidden patterns in prime numbers to make dreams come true. 

Our 2020 Vision is to be a well known and globally active high-tech aerospace company by promoting and selling our two mini PLASMA FLYER UAVs with 5-10kg MTOW and VTOL update kits.

Our 2022 Vision is the market introduction of an autonomous swarm of novel b-ionic plasma flying wing UAVs (PLASMA RAY - SWARMSFLY) with each 100-200kg MTOW and a deliverable package weight of 25-50kg. One modified prototype will be used to demonstrate magnetoplasma counterflow actuation for high-speed flight and underwater experiments. 

Our 2025 Vision is the world's first near-ground flight demonstration of an unmanned PLASMA RAY with air-breathing magnetoplasma propulsion. The first demonstrator will be a hybrid between aircraft and airship.

Our 2033 Vision is the world's first stratospheric flight demonstration of a manned PLASMA RAY with air-breathing magnetoplasma jet propulsion for the near-space tourism market (see our Scientific Publications).

Our 2053 Vision is the world's first flight of a manned Mega Plasma Space-Liner with aneutronic fusion powered distributed magnetoplasma jet propulsion for hyperfast flights to Moon, Mars and beyond.

 According to Clarke's three laws "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".